We are LazyCouchGames of course! We as a company like to focus on the more historical and emotional sides of games. We like to draw the player into the game and immerse them into a completely different world. We must admit we are a small company but with your support you can get us to where we want to be.

Who are we? 

About Us

LazyCouchGames is an independent game development company. We have a passion for all things gaming and technology. We spend most of our time working on games for our community. When making a game we love to focus on historic events, either fictional or non-fictional, we believe that using history in games can give it a sense of emotion and sympathy.


What do we do?

Where can you find more information?

We are on many different platforms. We do this because we like to cater for everybody. From twitter to instagram and facebook to itch.io. You can guarantee we are always active and any of these platforms so feel free to show your face to us. 

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